• Southampton Road, Cadnam, Southampton SO40 2NP, UK
  • Daily Opening Time : 12.00 pm

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Sir Jhon Barleycorn

Historic Interest

This 12th century pub is situated on the edge of the New Forest at Cadnam, Hampshire and is reputed to be the oldest inn in the forest. The original three cottages were converted into a traditional thatched pub and restaurant and were once the home of the Purkiss family. It was their ancestor who found the body of King William Rufus after he had been mysteriously killed whilst hunting nearby. A poor charcoal burner, he trundled the Kings remains in his cart to Winchester Cathedral, where the monks quickly buried the body. For his efforts Purkiss was given an acre or two of land around the pub.

About The Pub

This low, thatched building was originally three cottages. It stands close to the M27, in a cul-de-sac that was formerly the main road, and is possibly the oldest pub in the Forest. Inside are a small lounge and bar, with a restaurant at one end and a large lounge-cum-dining room at the other.
The rooms are slate-floored, and furnished in modern wood and leather. To the side of the pub is a large Beer garden with benches. Paultons Park is nearby.

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